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            Alan Wood’s Web site

            acephateCompendium of Pesticide Common Names  RSS icon

            Nomenclature data for over 1800 active ingredients of pesticides, plus indexes of common names, systematic names, molecular formulae and CAS Registry Numbers, and a classification of pesticides. (Updated 29th June 2020)

            Olympus BH-2 microscope with Canon digital SLR cameraOlympus OM system close-up and macro equipment

            Original photographs, descriptions of the equipment, and reproductions of the instruction leaflets and manuals. (Updated 27th June 2020)

            Olympus microscopes and photomicrographic equipment

            Information on equipment for photomicrography with BH-2, CK2, IMT-2, SZ4045, SZH and older microscopes, and downloads of microscope catalogues and instructions. (Updated 29th August 2020)

            Quekett Microscopical Club

            The Club’s website has been professionally designed, and my role as webmaster has mostly involved copying content from old versions of the site and writing reports on meetings.

            Animated GIF of various charactersAlan Wood’s Unicode resources

            Information about Web browsers, fonts, editors, word processors and various utilities that support Unicode, plus pages for most of the Unicode ranges that enable you to test your browsers and fonts. (Updated 12th January 2015)

            HTML charactersCharacter entity references in HTML 4.01

            An indexed list of the 252 named entities (for letters with diacritics, Greek letters and various special characters) that are supported in HTML 4.01.

            Character sets:

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